Hello and welcome to my page! I am thrilled you are here and I know you are here for a reason! I would love to help you live your healthiest, toxin free life!


I have been a RN for 16 years, and prior to nursing I worked in veterinary medicine. Helping and nurturing others has always filled my soul! I’m the mom to 2 incredible boys, 2 dogs, a cat, and 4 fish here in our little piece of paradise in Jupiter, Florida where we landed after leaving Hawaii.


About 10 years ago when my oldest son was little I started to question the safety of our food because of some alarming things I was hearing that I had never thought about. That research was my gateway to the toxin free living journey I’ve been on since then, finding healthier alternatives to personal care, cleaning supplies, housewares, and cosmetics among other items in the sea of toxic chemicals permitted on our shelves.


I continue to practice as a holistic RN occasionally, and I’m grateful and blessed to be focused following my passion helping others detoxify their lives and focus on disease prevention versus treating disease many times caused by continual exposure to toxins and a high body burden. I am excited about educating others about living toxin free because when I started on my journey 10 years ago I was overwhelmed and confused with so many questions.


I was one of the first Advocates to partner with a new women owned, women led boutique direct sales company dedicated to educating women about cosmetic safety and leading the green beauty movement! I am so honored to have linked arms with these women who are smart, conscious, full of integrity, and have a passion for wellness! We have attracted and created a heart forward community of women full of grace with the desire to help others make important changes that will be impactful for the rest of their lives. It’s about so much more than makeup!

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